5 Reasons to Start the Year with a New FedEx Ground Route

Throughout 2022, many people chose to embark on the adventure of owning their own businesses. Some fled corporate boardrooms while yet others left “essential positions” to find something new and exciting that left them feeling more satisfied. A new FedEx Ground route is actually an excellent choice for would-be entrepreneurs.

Here are five reasons to start the new year with a new FedEx Ground route.

FedEx Ground is a Proven Business Model

As a FedEx Ground contractor, you have access to a range of resources and support from the company. This can include training, marketing materials, and operational support to help you succeed in your business. Essentially, rather than starting your business from scratch, you are starting with a proven business model in an industry that has constantly proven to be profitable.

Starting with a proven business model is one way to increase your chances of success as a business owner, especially if you are just starting out. And no matter what the economy does next, there will always be packages being shipped and delivered.

New Fed-Ex Ground Route Ownership

So what does new FedEx Ground route ownership look like? Well, routes offer a predictable and consistent revenue stream. This can provide a sense of security and stability for business owners, as they know what to expect in terms of income each month.

While there are some seasonal fluctuations and some changes can come with economic events as well, there is a baseline you can expect to bring home every single month. Even during times of global calamity like the COVID-19 pandemic, FedEx route owners maintained their income, and as online shopping increased, even thrived.

FedEx Ground route ownership is an economically stable path to business ownership.

Backing by a Successful Company

When you start your own business, it often takes time to develop trust in your brand, and achieve brand recognition, even in your area. FedEx is a well-known and respected brand, which can help to attract customers and establish trust in your business. Customers know they can expect reliable service when working with a FedEx Ground contractor because of the company behind you and its reputation.

Of course, the key to this is providing great customer service and maintaining that trust. But starting with a good reputation backed by an internationally successful brand makes it even easier.

Control Over Your Own Business

As the owner of a FedEx Ground route, you have the freedom to schedule your work and manage your business as you see fit. You are your own boss and have control over how you run your routes and interact with your customers. Of course, you will have to keep reasonable schedules and be flexible in order to meet your customer’s needs.

However, that is true with any business. But in this case, you have choices from going with an electric delivery vehicle to one that is fuel efficient and works for you to helpers and drivers you hire, the way you optimize your time on your route, and when you deliver to certain key areas and schedule pickups from businesses.

Essentially, as long as you hit certain metrics and windows of delivery, you are in charge. That can be a great feeling if you need a flexible business that grows with you.

Helping Others Through New Fed Ex Ground Route Ownership

As you build your customer base and develop your business, there is potential to expand your route and increase your income. You can also potentially hire employees to help with the workload, allowing you to take on even more business. This helps you help others: your customers, businesses on your route, and the people you will potentially hire, train, and employ.

In conclusion, owning a FedEx Ground route can be a fulfilling and lucrative business opportunity for entrepreneurs. It offers a proven business model, a predictable revenue stream, brand recognition, control over your business, and the opportunity to help others. Are you ready to purchase a FedEx Ground route or do you just want to learn more about your options? Contact us at Route Advisors today. We’ll be with you every step of the way.

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