5 Ways to Make Your FedEx Ground Route Carbon Neutral

Going green is all over the news, and every company is talking about it. But how do you do that with a FedEx Ground route or any last-mile delivery business? Well, there are ways you can go green, and even make your FedEx Ground Route carbon neutral.

If you want to make a difference to the environment while still serving your customers well and running your route in the most efficient way possible, here are five key tips for you.

Go Paperless

This can sometimes seem like old advice in an age where most businesses are at least nearly paper-free. But ledgers still linger, and companies still use paper invoices, mailed notices, and more. While this might not be you, you may deal with companies who do. You can opt to go paperless on those bills.

You can also use as little paper as possible on a daily basis. Use your phone to take notes, use door knockers sparingly, and try to minimize your paper use through digital notepads and other methods.

Get all checks and payments direct deposited. You don’t need paper checks or invoices anymore, and most companies are more than happy to use digital payments rather than dealing with old-fashioned checks.

Skip the receipts and use online accounting software. You can share transactions directly with your accountant, don’t need to save and sort a shoebox full of receipts, and your taxes will be faster and easier to navigate. This also means you don’t have to get receipts for everyday transactions like fuel. Instead, you can track them digitally.

It sounds simple, but reducing your paper use as much as possible can make a huge difference.

Go Electric to Make Your FedEx Ground Route Carbon Neutral.

There are a couple of ways to go electric. Amazon, FedEx, and other companies are rolling out electric vehicles for delivery. Not only are these lower-emission vehicles, but they generally save you money as well, as the cost of charging is significantly lower than the cost of fuel.

Going electric alone is not the entire solution. Much of the EV charging network is still reliant on fossil fuels for generating the electricity they need. However, you’ll still be making a difference in your local emissions and reducing your cumulative footprint.

Many distribution centers are also moving toward sustainable power sources like wind, solar, and others. But even if your distribution center is not going solar, there are areas where you can.

Use Solar Where Possible

Solar can be used to recharge batteries on your own devices with portable panels that can keep everything from laptops to scanners and phones topped off throughout the day. If you are using electric vehicles this may not be essential, but it can make a difference if you are not.

You can also consider solar in your own home. Depending on where you live, you can get tax and power company credits for switching. This can help you offset the carbon emissions you still create in the process of running your business, which can be counted as one of the ways to make your FedEx Ground Route carbon neutral.

As a route owner, you and others can band together and encourage your local station and distribution centers to go green as well. And if you are using electric vehicles, you can opt for solar-powered chargers if they are available in your area.

Making a difference often starts with the small things, and adding solar where possible can make a big difference.

Offset your Carbon Emissions

You may have heard of carbon offsets, usually related to large businesses or companies, but you can do the same with your business. This can involve contributions from your profits, called monetary offsets, or doing things like contributing to tree planting programs or working on green projects in your community.

The principle is that if you can only reduce your own emissions so much, you can offset that by supporting other programs that help to reduce emissions.

Stay Flexible when Working to Make Your FedEx Ground Route Carbon Neutral

The final key to going carbon neutral is to stay flexible. The technology surrounding emissions and programs to curb them are changing all the time. Remaining flexible and adapting as they do is the key.

Also, don’t try to do everything at once. You may not be able to afford to swap every vehicle for an electric one. Switch one at a time until you can. Going paperless may take time, as switching systems requires changes for everyone to get used to. And not all of your billing companies will offer that option.

And offsetting carbon emissions can be a challenge for many small businesses. The key is to do what you can for your route and the environment.

If you’re new to buying a FedEx Ground route or considering selling yours, contact us today at Route Advisors. We’ll be with you every step of the way and can help you find the right route at the right time and the right price in the location of your choice.

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