Sell Your Amazon Routes in Virginia

Our clients have many unique reasons for selling their routes. What they all have in common is the need for:

A fair price

We will help you establish an accurate and competitive valuation so that your routes sell for a premium price within a reasonable timeframe. We can even advise you on timing strategies to support your goals.

Reasonable Closing Timeline

We will assist with Amazon DSP vetting process. We stay on top of every step on both seller and buyers’ sides to keep your sale moving toward closing.

Qualified buyers

We use a rigorous vetting process to verify buyers’ background experience and financial status. We are available to answer their questions, help them understand the Amazon DSP business and be sure they are informed of the purchase process.


All of your business information will remain confidential. Buyers only receive the data they need to make a decision. No information is ever shared that could compromise your business relationships or threaten your stability.

Amazon Routes For Sale - Sell your Amazon DSP routes in Virginia with Route Advisors

Find buyers who are ready and able to close the deal.

We don’t believe in wasting your time. Our listings are seen more than 50,000 times each month. But before we connect you with a potential buyer, Route Advisors employs a rigorous vetting process to ensure that your buyer has the background and financing that qualifies them both to purchase your route and to meet Amazon’s approval criteria.
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How Route Advisors works for sellers

Our EXPERT listing process includes expert advice on the valuation and confidential presentation of your business so that buyers understand its value, getting your listing seen by as many potential buyers as possible, vetting interested buyers, walking them through the Amazon approval process, and getting you to closing as quickly as possible. Route Advisors’ proprietary sales process is simple yet highly effective. Since 2014, we’ve helped more than 400 customers successfully close sales for 1630 routes in the United States and Canada.

Route Advisors EXPERT Listing Process

  • Contact Route Advisors for a free consultation

  • Free route valuation and expert recommendations

  • Agreement to work with Route Advisors

  • CONFIDENTIAL Listings viewed 50k + each month

  • Buyers identified and vetted

  • Buyer & seller introduction

  • Negotiation, due diligence & Amazon approval assistance

  • Congratulations! You’ve sold your route!

Our client relationships don’t end when the sale is done.

Contact Route Advisors for a free consultation.


What is an Amazon DSP route?
An Amazon DSP route is a delivery route within Amazon’s logistics network that is owned and operated by an independent entrepreneur or business owner. DSPs partner with Amazon to deliver packages to customers.
How do I become an Amazon DSP owner?
To become an Amazon DSP owner, you need to meet Amazon’s eligibility criteria, which include financial requirements, background checks, and operational standards. You can apply through Amazon’s official DSP program.
Can I purchase an existing DSP route?
Yes, you can purchase an existing DSP route from a current owner. This can be a quicker way to enter the business. You can find available routes through online marketplaces or brokers.
What is the financial investment required to own a DSP route?
The financial requirements for owning a DSP route include the purchase price of the route, costs associated with buying or leasing delivery vehicles, uniforms, and other operational expenses. The investment can vary depending on the route size and location.
What support does Amazon provide to DSP owners?
Amazon offers training, operational support, and resources to help DSP owners succeed. This includes guidance on route management, driver training, and access to technology and tools for efficient operations.
What are the responsibilities of a DSP owner?
DSP owners are responsible for managing the day-to-day operations of their routes. This includes hiring and managing drivers, overseeing package handling, ensuring safety and compliance, and providing excellent customer service.
How do I find drivers for my DSP route?
Finding and retaining reliable drivers is a critical aspect of managing a DSP route. You can recruit drivers through various channels, including job postings, local advertisements, and partnerships with driver recruitment agencies.
What factors determine the profitability of a DSP route?
The profitability of a DSP route depends on factors such as route size, location, operational efficiency, and customer satisfaction. Successful route management and meeting delivery goals contribute to higher profitability.
What are some common challenges faced by DSP owners?
Common challenges include competition in the delivery market, driver recruitment and retention, route optimization, and the need for efficient operations. Overcoming these challenges requires dedication and effective management.
Is owning a DSP route a full-time commitment?
Yes, owning and operating a DSP route typically requires a full-time commitment. DSP owners are responsible for the day-to-day management of their routes, which can include long hours and weekend work.