Bring on the Heat: Summer Delivery Route Tips

Spring is turning into summer, and that is often one of the favorite times of the year for delivery drivers. It’s generally warmer, driving conditions are better, and the number of deliveries are up. These summer delivery route tips will keep you happy, safe, and healthy this season.

Whether you are a FedEx Ground route owner and/or driver, or you are one of the many Amazon Delivery Service Partners or you are looking to purchase a route, these tips are for you.

Summer is a Great Time to Buy A Route

First, if you are not a route owner already, summer is a great time to purchase a delivery route business. You have options, from FedEx Ground routes to Amazon Delivery Service Partner businesses, both of which offer flexible schedules, regular income, and a profitable business backed by a large delivery service partner known around the world for excellence.

We’ve explored these advantages before on this blog, but summer means more deliveries, better weather to learn your route, and more daylight to get used to where things are. If you are considering purchasing a route, now is a great time to get the process started.

Dress Appropriately on Summer Delivery Routes

As a summer delivery route driver, it is important that you or your employees dress properly. This means lighter shirts, shorts, and proper footwear. The boots that keep feet warm in the winter only result in overheating in the summertime and can lead to blisters and other issues.

Well-ventilated footwear is highly recommended. A good walking shoe or light hiking boot that provides good support and cushioning but breathes well is likely the best choice. Both FedEx and Amazon offer summer shirts, short-sleeved polos that are generally very comfortable. But remind drivers not to forget the sunscreen.

Uniform shorts are also available, and they offer cool comfort. However, don’t forget light rain jackets for those rainy summer days. It’s best to make sure your driver and you have everything needed before the summer season is in full swing.

Stay Hydrated in the Summer

Hydration is key to summer delivery. Most of the time drivers need to drink more water than they did in the winter and avoid sugary drinks like soda and most energy drinks. Sports drinks that include electrolytes but little to no sugar is also a good choice. Many delivery drivers even where various types of hydration packs when they are delivering packages.

When temperatures get even warmer, depending on your area, drivers may also want to take frequent hydration breaks throughout the day. The more you sweat, the greater the need for hydration, especially when operating a delivery vehicle. Dehydration can have serious health and safety consequences so make sure you and your drivers are prepared.

Get Enough Rest in the Summer

Summer is a great time for sports and outdoor activities, but summer delivery routes are physical activities themselves. Be sure that whatever you engage in on your off time that it allows time for physical rest. While being a delivery driver is a great way to get in shape, it can also be pretty tiring itself.

Driving while tired can be dangerous. And so can working with sore muscles. You or your drivers can leave yourself more prone to injuries, which can really make running a route a challenge. Encourage your drivers to stretch, work out, and seek the help of a medical professional if they are injured.

While for most people, eight hours of sleep is recommended, new studies show for some that is not essential. Resting and recharging is though and be sure to keep yourself and your drivers as rested as possible.

Eat Right for Your Summer Delivery Route

It’s easy to grab junk food and snacks when you are on the road all the time, but those sugary snacks come with a cost. Sugar crashes can be a real issue, leaving you tired in the afternoon when temperatures are likely to be the hottest. While caffeine is often maligned as causing dehydration, that is not always true.

However, energy drinks that rely on sugar to give you a boost rather than vitamins and other good sources of energy can give you that same crash. Instead of looking for a quick energy fix, focus on good protein, high-quality carbs, and low-sugar but high-energy foods. Sometimes a granola bar or a handful of healthy trail mix is all you really need to get through the afternoon.

Then be sure your meals at home, breakfast and dinner, also provide you with the fuel you need during the summer season.

Expand Your Delivery Route Business this Summer

Finally, if you already own a route business, the summer can be a good time to expand your business. For the same reasons summer is a good time to buy, it is also a good time to look at purchasing additional routes or expanding those you already own.

It’s the best time of year to learn and grow your route and can be one of the most profitable as well. If you are ready to buy a new route business or you want to expand your current business by purchasing more routes, contact us today at Route Advisors. We want to be your partner every step of the way.

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