Want to Buy a FedEx Route?

Purchasing a FedEx route can be confusing but it doesn’t have to be. Because Route Advisors is here to simplify the process and walk you through every step of the way. From identifying available routes and determining their value to finding financing, Route Advisors is committed to providing the best customer experience in the industry so you can buy with confidence.

We understand small business

We’ve been there. We’ve run our own businesses and have a background in customer service so we know the challenges business owners face. We’ve also bought and sold our own FedEx routes. At Route Advisors, we offer you the benefit of our personal experience as well as the kind of expertise that comes from helping more than 110 clients successfully close on the sale of more than 897 routes.

We help with your approval process

One of the biggest hurdles in buying a route is getting though the FedEx approval process. Fortunately, Route Advisors has a thorough understanding of what it takes to keep your application moving – from the best times of year to apply to ensuring paperwork is filled out correctly and submitted on time. We also stay up to date in real time with the constantly changing requirements buyers are required to meet.

Resources to help buy routes with confidence

Curious about the benefits and challenges of owning and running a FedEx route? Want to know if owing a FedEx route is right for you? Need help securing financing? Route Advisors has built strong relationships with a variety of knowledgeable, trustworthy independent consultants who can provide you with answers to these, and many other, questions.

How Route Advisors works for buyers

Our EXPERT purchase process includes expert advice on the valuation and confidential presentation of your business so that buyers understand its value, getting your listing seen by as many potential buyers as possible, vetting interested buyers, walking them through FedEx approval, and getting you to closing as quickly as possible. Route Advisors’ proprietary sales process is simple, yet extremely effective. Since 2014, we’ve helped more than 110 customers successfully close sales for 822 FedEx routes in the United States and Canada.

How Route Advisors works for buyers

Route Advisors EXPERT Purchase Process

  • Contact Route Advisors for available routes

  • Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) ensures confidentiality

  • We will send you a listing package

  • Negotiation & purchase agreement

  • Due diligence & FedEx application process

  • Congratulations! You own a FedEx route!

Our client relationships don’t end when the sale is done.

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