Delivery Route Tip: Finishing Apartment Complexes Quickly

Whether you are an Amazon Delivery Service Partner business owner or a FedEx Ground Route owner, one thing you will encounter nearly every day is deliveries that happen in apartment complexes. Using the right strategies for finishing apartment complexes quickly can make a huge difference to your delivery business.

Whether you are a new route owner, considering buying a route, or just want to offer your drivers some useful tips, here’s some helpful advice.

Make a Map for Finishing Apartment Complexes Quickly

Making a map can seem like a big chore, but it does not have to be. You’re not going to reinvent the wheel here: most complexes have a directory at the front, and many apartment offices keep maps on file that will show you which apartment numbers are in which building.

Take their maps and use them as a basis for your own. Add things like building designations, arrows that show the best routes and parking spots for your truck and even where there are gates and walkways that can make delivery faster.

You’re creating something for yourself. You can do this with your computer, enlarge it, and have maps for all of your complexes in a binder in your truck where you can access them easily.

PRO TIP: Laminate maps and keep erasable markers on hand so you can make notes on them as you learn the complex better or if something changes.

Learn the Numbering System

Most complexes have a numbering system. Some will have the same numbers used over and over, with letter designations for the buildings. Others will have systems that “tell” you where the apartment is located. For example:

  • C101 would indicate the first apartment on the bottom floor of C building.
  • C301 would be the first apartment on the third floor of the same building.
  • Apartment 324 could be in building three, the second floor, the fourth apartment.
  • Apartment 1101 could be the first building bottom floor, apartment one. In that same building, apartment 1201 would be on the second floor, 1301 on the third, and so on.

The idea is that most complexes have a system, and if you learn it, locating apartments can be a breeze once you understand which building is where.

With a map and a numbering system, finishing apartment complexes quickly can be a breeze.

Use the Office

There are two reasons to become good friends with the office in an apartment complex: security and knowledge.

The first is that sometimes it is not advisable to leave a package if no one is home at an apartment. These are high-traffic areas, and packages can be easily stolen. In most complexes, though, the management does not want to do your job for you. So you will need to:

  • Go the apartment and attempt delivery.
  • If no one is home, leave a knocker letting them know their package is at the office.
  • Deliver to the office and let them know you did both of the above.

Most complexes provide this service for their residents simply because they don’t want to be responsible for theft (more on that in a moment). But be sure to both check with the office and maintain a good relationship with them before you drop packages there.

The second reason is knowledge. Maintenance and those who show apartments know where everything is, the easiest way to get there from parking areas, and places where leaving your vehicle is a bad idea.

I’ve mentioned several times the importance of your relationship with the office personnel. This is a key to finishing apartment complexes quickly and avoiding complaints and even theft.

Use Your Feet for Finishing Apartment Complexes Quickly

In most cases, apartment complexes are more walkable than they are drivable. If you have several packages for the complex or need to hang multiple tags in one area, find a central parking spot, and walk the area around it.

There are two reasons for this: the first is that you can waste a lot of time, energy, and fuel getting in and out of your vehicle. The second is the risk of accidents like someone backing into your vehicle or colliding with someone coming around a blind corner. Parking overhangs can also be a common hazard.

Parking once and walking as much of an area as possible will be quicker and safer in the long run.

Be Cautious About Leaving Packages

We talked briefly about security but be cautious about leaving any package even if the resident has asked you to do so. If at all possible, either hand deliver a package or deliver to the office. If the office does not accept deliveries or the resident does not want packages left there, ask about leaving the package with a trusted neighbor, and be sure to get a delivery signature.

If you must leave a package because a resident insists, take a photo of where and how you left it (a policy for Amazon Delivery Service Partners anyway). Ensure that if you can upload it so the resident gets a copy, you do so.

Before you drop the package, also double-check the address. It is easy to get turned around in some complexes. A botched delivery can be both costly and embarrassing. It can also damage your reputation with apartment management and personnel, something you want to avoid.

Apartment complexes can be lucrative and quick stops if done properly. They are rapidly becoming the norm for housing in many areas. So whether you are an Amazon Delivery Services Partner or a FedEx Ground route owner, you will deal with them on a regular basis. Follow these tips for finishing apartment complexes quickly, and you’ll be done in no time.

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