E-Commerce and FedEx Ground Are Here to Stay

Consumer expectations and growth worldwide tell us that e-commerce and FedEx Ground are here to stay. Last mile and global delivery demands are on the rise, and its been integrated into the lives of nearly everyone worldwide.

Nowhere is this more evident than in the Asia Pacific, Middle East, and Africa (AMEA) regions, and in the recent “What’s Next in E-Commerce?” Survey a number of trends were identified that signal strong future growth not only in that region but worldwide.

How does this impact you, as a FedEx Ground route owner or someone interested in purchasing one? It tells you a lot about how the future might go.

The Need for Speed

When talking to consumers about e-commerce it is no surprise that speed is one of the number one pain points. While this is true in the AMEA region, which contains some of the largest e-commerce markets in the world, it also applies to shoppers everywhere.

The reasons are simple. With options like next-day or two-day delivery, consumers have come to expect most deliveries (other than large specialty items) to take no more than a week. Even when it comes to larger items, expectations are high.

This is despite supply change issues and others that left retailers in a serious bind and fueled shortages around the time of the pandemic. As those issues are increasingly resolved, consumers want the goods they ordered, and they want them right away.

And no matter what the cause, often consumers will look at the delivery company or even the delivery driver as being at fault. This means that speedy, timely, and efficient delivery once a package reaches a FedEx Ground truck is vital.

E-commerce and FedEx Ground are great partners as long as route owners continue to deliver on the promises consumers count on.

The Growing Proportion of Shopper Spending

E-commerce is rapidly becoming the way for consumers to shop. While this used to be a phenomenon often related to those who lived in rural areas outside city centers who often had difficulty locating certain goods in their area, this expanded with the COVID-19 pandemic, when ordering everything from groceries to home goods skyrocketed.

In the AMEA region, this became especially prevalent, and shoppers are going online for nearly everything. Businesses are taking advantage of this trend, speeding to offer customers what they want delivered conveniently right to their door. In fact, in the first quarter of 2022, consumer spending online was 13.9% of overall sales. Despite recession fears, this number continues to climb, and will likely continue to break historic records. All of this means lots of packages that need to reach their final destinations. For FedEx Ground drivers and route owners, this means more business and potentially more profits.

The Need for Great Customer Experiences

Besides speed and simple convenience, e-commerce and FedEx Ground need to strive to provide customers with the best experiences possible. This means several things, including avoiding damage, setting delivery expectations, and being friendly and professional at all times.

And the customer experience is not only the person the package is delivered to. It starts with the pick-up process from the shipper as well. They are the first FedEx customers and the ones who pay for shipping. Treating deliveries carefully decreases customer complaints and stress level as well.

From the shipper to the receiver, it is a FedEx Ground route owner’s job to provide an excellent experience to everyone around them.

E-commerce and Fed Ex Ground Contractors

Most companies want to save money when they ship with a company, and the development of better lanes for FedEx Ground means it is often affordable and fast to ship packages without having to pay for express and overnight services.

It’s important as a contractor that you educate your shippers about these opportunities. It’s also important that you educate package recipients when possible. Keep them informed of how FedEx Ground supports e-commerce and how their bottom line can be improved by choosing your services. When FedEx wins in your area, you win as well. You are often the brand representative these shippers see most often, and your service may have the greatest impact on their shipping choices.

If you are considering buying a FedEx Ground route, the growing e-commerce market offers you assurances of a profitable business going forward.

Embracing Tomorrow’s Trends Today

Shopping behaviors continue to evolve, and the future of e-commerce is directly tied to FedEx Ground, last-mile delivery, and the contractors who make that possible. The business of delivery is not only stable, but constantly growing and evolving.

Buying a FedEx Ground Route or purchasing another one to grow your business is a great way to ensure a profitable future. And if you’re looking for a route, a route broker is the place to start. At Route Advisors, we can help you find the right route in the right location at the right time. Contact us today, and we’ll be with you every step of the way.

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