Essential Heroes: FedEx Ground Route Owners and COVID 19

This is an extraordinary time, and we already talked on this site about why now is a great time to buy a FedEx ground route. But while profits may be good and routes are expanding, the fact is FedEx drivers and other delivery drivers are on the front lines of the COVID-19 crisis. As more and more people order essentials online, those items need to be delivered.  FedEx ground has recently shared with their North America contractors that they can expect 20% increase on average in volume!  Many contractors have already seeing that increase, for many even more than 20%.

So what is happening with FedEx Ground route owners and drivers right now? Here are some facts you should know.

Driver’s Risk Levels and Stress

One of the things every FedEx driver will tell you is that one of the dirtiest things people typically handle besides money is a FedEx package that has passed through dozens of hands before it gets to them. However, attempts to control cleanliness and sanitize packages in the supply chain are working.

Packages are cleaner now than they ever have been, and workers are wearing gloves, washing their hands, and some drivers are even sanitizing each package as they deliver it. This is a herculean effort, and one that requires the cooperation of several people down the line,.

This doesn’t mean that employees are not getting sick. There is still a significant risk, and drivers and owners bravely navigate that risk daily to bring people the essential items they need.

Financial Risk and Contractors Stepping Up

Unlike other delivery businesses, FedEx Ground is run by independent contractors who own their own businesses and employ their own drivers. That means they are responsible for personal proactive equipment like masks, gloves, and sanitizers and cleaning materials.

This means that despite record volumes and long hours, contractors are also faced with new expenses and with providing their employees with two weeks sick leave if they become ill, and other expenses.

FedEx contractors are stepping up for their employees and the public even at a time when it is difficult to do so. They’re truly concerned with more than just profits, but with the safety of their employees and those who they are delivering packages to.  The contractor model that FedEx Ground is using, means the drivers are better taken care for and they stay more loyal to their FedEx Ground owners!

Steps to Flatten the COVID 19 Curve

FedEx Ground drivers have a tough job during this time. They must still deliver packages, and some come with rules attached that make social distancing measures hard to follow. Some packages require signatures for delivery, and pick-ups from businesses often require contact with employees.

  • FedEx and drivers are taking steps wherever they can though.
  • Many are making contactless deliveries, leaving packages without ringing or knocking when possible.
  • FedEx is offering shippers signature alternatives, often like photos of packages left on doorsteps instead of an in person signature and other creative alternatives.

Fortunately for drivers and recipients, the virus does not survive on cardboard surfaces for very long, but drivers and others are still working as hard as possible to keep themselves and others safe.

Shipping Times and Delivery Volume

You may have seen that companies like Amazon and other suppliers are on massive hiring sprees, and FedEx Ground contractors are looking for solutions as well. But there is no doubt that packing, shipping times and delivery times have been seriously impacted.

It’s understandable if you think about the spike in volume that has occurred as a result of the pandemic and people being sequestered at home and working remotely. The supply chain is strained, and precautionary measures and social distancing all slow the process down.

This puts additional pressure on drivers to deliver more packages and make more deliveries on an average day, making self-care more of a challenge.

Front Line Heroes

When we think about the current pandemic and front line heroes we often think about nurses, doctors, first responders, and others. In reality, there are many more heroes than that, from grocery store workers to restaurant personnel, warehouse workers and delivery drivers of all kinds.

From that person delivering your groceries, your food deliveries, or one of the many packages you have ordered, these people are on the front lines of this pandemic as well. They deserve both our thanks and our admiration.

Do you want to join the front line of unsung heroes during the COVID 19 pandemic and own your own FedEx ground route? Opportunities are out there, and now may be the perfect time to become a part of the delivery business as things shift to more work and order from home models. This means the logistic business has never been a better place to be.

Contact us today if you have any questions. Stay safe, take care of yourself, and take care of others when you can.

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  1. Very true, I fully agree that in Logistic business the delivery man and the drivers are also the unsung HEROS. Hats off to them on their efforts in this challenging time.

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