FedEx Ground Route Weekend Changes for Consumers

For a long time, FedEx Ground drivers and contractors always had weekends off. Then as the postal service and other carriers expanded their weekend service in some markets, FedEx did the same. However, after already making some major changes this year, FedEx is set to make another one as early as August 15th: Ground deliveries will no longer happen on Sundays.

In some ways, this is a move back to the way things used to be.

FedEx Ground Route Weekends

When FedEx Ground first started, there was no Sunday delivery. In fact, most FedEx Ground routes ran Monday through Friday, and there was an additional service, provided by FedEx Ground contractors, called FedEx Home Delivery. Technically these were a separate type of route, but run out of the same FedEx terminal.

These routes offered Saturday service, but not Sundays. But with pressure from other delivery services and consumers, FedEx offered ground service deliveries on Sunday in some larger markets. This didn’t impact every route owner, but for some, it meant an extra day of work or hiring a driver to handle these deliveries.

For some, the additional deliveries paid off financially. For other route owners, this was just an inconvenience, even though there were usually few deliveries on those days. Now, with labor shortages, the cost of fuel, and other issues, FedEx is backtracking.

The Changes to FedEx Ground Route Weekends

As of as early as August 15th, FedEx Ground Sundays will disappear from some major markets. FedEx is not yet clear about which ones, but what is clear is that Sunday delivery will go away. In rural areas, this means no changes, but in large markets, a part of what it means is that those deliveries will have to happen on another day. So while it means one less working day, it means a longer working day somewhere else in the week to make up for it.

This could be good and bad for consumers and route owners, but what it does mean is that change is coming, like it or not. There are some immediate benefits, like the reduction in fuel costs and emissions, although as the last mile EV trend continues, that is not as much of a factor.

What does this really mean to consumers?

The Impact to FedEx Ground Customers

FedEx Ground customers have come to appreciate and almost expect a weekend delivery. And it’s true that setting up deliveries that require a signature or for urgently needed items, weekend delivery definitely has its benefits. However, others see it as yet another thing that could tie them home on the weekends. Expecting a delivery may mean the need to be home, or to cut plans short to ensure that items don’t sit on porches for too long.

For consumers, there are pros and cons to Sunday delivery as well, and while some will bemoan its loss, others will be happy to see it go.

Navigating Route Ownership Changes

For those who own and operate FedEx Ground routes, it simply means changes that must be navigated. Without Sunday delivery, that means no terminal support, and no need to work on yet another day of the week.

But it does shift the workload, and it takes away some potential income from Sunday deliveries. Still for most route owners and drivers, the prospect of one more day off means more than any money made from a single extra day of deliveries.

But whether you already own a FedEx Ground route or intend to purchase one, the one thing that is sure in route ownership is change, and being prepared to navigate those changes is an important consideration.

Do you want to look into FedEx Ground route ownership? Now could be a great time to make the move to working in the lucrative and growing last-mile logistics industry. Contact us at Route Advisors today. We’d love to be with you every step of the way.

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