FedEx Routes: A Viable Business in Troubled Times (Coronavirus, COVID-19)

We all know that the current pandemic with the Coronavirus (COVID-19) has brought a lot of things to screeching halt.  Restaurants and many other small businesses are suffering. Of course, here at Route Advisors, we encourage you to support those local businesses through things like ordering from them online, buying gift cards, and other methods. If you order from them online, that is where delivery and FedEx Routes come in.  FedEx and other delivery giants are deemed essential business during times like this, as mentioned by the president in his daily updates. FedEx ground is as close to recession-proof as you can get in any kind of business!

At a time when a lot of business options are extremely risky, a few are thriving. This includes those in the logistics industry who focus on last mile deliveries and those contractors who own FedEx Routes. Now may just be a good time to get in on this opportunity. Here are some reasons why.

More Online Ordering

More and more people are ordering online as they even work from home and stop going out for even the basic necessities like food, toilet paper, medicines, and supplements. While Amazon and other delivery services are frantically hiring to keep up with demand, FedEx routes are expanding.

  • The reason for the demand is simple:
  • Businesses still need to get products to customers.
  • Customers still need to get basic items to live without going out and risking their health.
  • More people working from home means the need for more supplies, new office items, and other things that will need to be delivered.
  • Things like pet food and items to entertain both adults and children need to be delivered.

Owning a FedEx Route gives you the opportunity to meet the needs of these individuals while still making a good living and providing for yourself and your family.

Working Right Here at Home

Perhaps most importantly, FedEx Ground focuses on North American (US and Canada) delivery, and that means delivering products made locally or in the United States to customers who need them in the US and Canada. At times like these, the economy turns downward, but we can still help each other and stimulate consumer spending where we can.

As a FedEx Route owner, you will be a vital link in the chain of economic sustenance and recovery, and will be helping other small business owners weather this storm.

Crossing Boundaries and Borders

FedEx works across North America, so that means even with borders to neighboring countries effectively close to visitors, cargo will still move back and forth. When Canadian goods need to get to the United States and vice versa, FedEx Ground will still be traversing those borders.

This means your business will not only remain stable, but it may grow at the same time. More importantly, it means you can serve both your business customers by delivering items they would not have been able to order, and shipping items for them to markets they would have otherwise been unable to reach.

Residential customers will still be able to get vital, inexpensive items from neighboring countries without worry. The logistics and delivery business play an important role in these important transactions.

Keeping Your Customers and Your FedEx Routes Safe

Quite fortunately, delivery is a business that can be done with little or no contact with customers. Many food delivery services are even offering no contact deliveries when you order online, and FedEx and other delivery services like the post office are doing the same.

Items in the delivery chain may be cleaner and safer than they ever have been. Workers are sanitizing surfaces more often, washing hands more frequently, wearing latex gloves much of the time, and handling all items with extreme care.

  • Of course as a FedEx route owner, you could certainly do the same:
  • Wear gloves and change them often.
  • Wash your hands frequently and avoid touching your face.
  • Sanitize shelves and other metal surfaces where viruses can live longer than elsewhere.
  • Take supplements, care for yourself, and limit contact with others as much as possible.

The great thing about FedEx routes and delivery jobs is that these steps are certainly viable, and many may already be part of your daily routine.

A Timely Opportunity in Troubled Times

As airlines are grounded and people stay inside more, FedEx sees increasing opportunities in cargo and delivery. If your current business has been displaced or you have been looking for a new business opportunity, now is a great time to look into owning a FedEx route or even routes.

While other industries take a hit, the logistics and delivery industry is full of new opportunity that will continue to grow even beyond the current crisis. Do you have questions, or are you ready to purchase a FedEx route? Contact us here at Route Advisors. We’re here to help.

And remember, stay safe, care for yourself, and care for others when you can during this challenging time.

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