Sell Your FedEx Routes in Kentucky

Our clients have many unique reasons for selling their routes. What they all have in common is the need for:

A fair price

We will help you establish an accurate and competitive valuation so that your routes sell for a premium price within a reasonable timeframe. We can even advise you on timing strategies to support your goals.

Quick Closing Timeline

We stay on top of every step on both seller and buyers’ sides to keep your sale moving toward closing. Because we stay up-to-date with FedEx requirements, 95% of our listings close on schedule and on the price set by the seller.

Qualified buyers

We use a rigorous vetting process to verify buyers’ background experience and financial status. We are available to answer their questions, help them understand the FedEx Ground business and be sure they are informed of the purchase process.


All of your business information will remain confidential. Buyers only receive the data they need to make a decision. No information is ever shared that could compromise your business relationships or threaten your stability.

Need to sell Fedex Routes FAST ?

Due to life events, health issues, LTC (Letter to Cure), TNL (Termination Notice Letter) or any other reason, Route Advisors has helped many FedEx contractors exit the business successfully when the need arises.

Fedex Routes For Sale - Sell your Fedex routes in Kentucky with Route Advisors

Sell your FedEx Route with Route Advisors

We don’t believe in wasting your time. Our listings are seen more than 50,000 times each month. But before we connect you with a potential buyer, Route Advisors employs a rigorous vetting process to ensure that your buyer has the background and financing that qualifies them both to purchase your route and to meet FedEx’s approval criteria.

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Sell FedEx Routes

How Route Advisors works for sellers

Our EXPERT listing process includes expert advice on the valuation and confidential presentation of your business so that buyers understand its value, getting your listing seen by as many potential buyers as possible, vetting interested buyers, walking them through FedEx approval, and getting you to closing as quickly as possible. Route Advisors’ proprietary sales process is simple, yet extremely effective. Since 2014, we’ve helped more than 110 customers successful close sales for 897 Fed Ex routes in the United States and Canada.

Route Advisors EXPERT Listing Process

  • Contact Route Advisors for a free consultation

  • Free route valuation and expert recommendations

  • Agreement to work with Route Advisors

  • CONFIDENTIAL Listings viewed 50k + each month

  • Buyers identified and vetted

  • Buyer & seller introduction

  • Negotiation, due diligence & Amazon approval assistance

  • Congratulations! You’ve sold your route!

Our client relationships don’t end when the sale is done.

Contact Route Advisors for a free consultation.


What are FedEx routes?

FedEx routes refer to the specific territories or areas assigned to contractors for delivering packages on behalf of FedEx. These routes can cover residential, commercial, or both types of addresses within a designated area.

Can I sell my FedEx route?

Yes, FedEx route owners have the option to sell their routes to interested buyers. However, there are certain procedures and guidelines set by FedEx that must be followed during the sale process.

How do I determine the value of my FedEx route?

The value of a FedEx route depends on various factors such as the number of stops, package volume, profitability, location, and condition of vehicles. Typically, a route’s value is calculated based on its revenue and net income over a period of time, often with the help of a professional business appraiser.

Are there any requirements to sell a FedEx route?

Yes, FedEx has specific requirements and procedures for selling routes. Owners must obtain approval from FedEx before selling their routes to ensure compliance with contractual obligations and to transfer ownership legally.

Can I sell part of my FedEx route or only the entire route?

FedEx typically requires the sale of entire routes rather than partial segments. This ensures continuity in service and operations for customers. However, individual agreements may vary, and it’s essential to check with FedEx and potential buyers regarding specific arrangements.

What steps are involved in selling a FedEx route?

Selling a FedEx route typically involves steps such as valuation, preparing necessary documentation, obtaining approval from FedEx, marketing the route to potential buyers, negotiating terms of sale, and completing the transfer process, including vehicle and equipment transfer, training, and transition assistance.

Are there any restrictions on who can buy a FedEx route?

While there are no specific restrictions on who can buy a FedEx route, potential buyers must meet certain criteria set by FedEx, including financial qualifications, background checks, and adherence to FedEx’s contractor requirements and standards.

How long does it take to sell a FedEx route?

The time it takes to sell a FedEx route can vary depending on factors such as market demand, route profitability, negotiation complexity, and regulatory approvals. On average, the sale process may take several weeks to a few months to complete.

What support does FedEx provide during the route sale process?

FedEx typically provides support and guidance to route owners and buyers throughout the sale process. This may include assistance with paperwork, transfer procedures, training for new owners, and ensuring continuity of service for customers during the transition period. It’s essential to communicate with FedEx representatives for specific details and support options.

Can I sell my FedEx route independently, or do I need to work with a broker?

While it’s possible to sell your FedEx route independently, working with a reputable route broker can offer several advantages. Brokers have extensive experience in route sales, access to a network of potential buyers, marketing resources, negotiation skills, and expertise in navigating legal and regulatory requirements.