Growing Your FedEx Route From the Inside

One of the best things you can do for your business is growing your FedEx route from the inside. There are several ways to do this, and all of them require just a little bit of effort on your part.

Some of these take time, and it’s a good idea to follow some rules of common courtesy when trying to “sell” your pickup and delivery services. You should also understand that sometimes the chosen carrier isn’t decided by the shipping and receiving personnel you see every day, and there are costs and pricing that are out of your control.

What you can sell is your service – how reliable, cautious, and friendly you are. Whether you are looking to sell your route, or you are buying a new one and looking to expand, here are some tips for growing your FedEx route from the inside.

Encourage Your Current Customer’s to Use FedEx Shipping

For pickup and delivery contractors it is fairly common that you may know, and even be friends with drivers from competing services. You’ll see them often at locations that are on both of your routes. And the real competition is at the company level, not between drivers and route owners.

That being said, the more businesses on your FedEx route ship with you, and the more they encourage those that ship them goods to use FedEx, the more money you make. Your pay is based on the number of stops you make, but also the number of packages you pick up and deliver at each location.

Sometimes decisions of which carrier to ship with are made over the heads of the people you see every day, they can influence decision makers. But don’t be too pushy about it either. Remember you are there to meet the customer’s needs, not on a sales call.

So a simple way to grow your FedEx route is to encourage your existing customers, those people you see every day, to use FedEx whenever possible when they are shipping goods.

Visit New Businesses That Open on Your Route

You can perform sales calls of a sort though. If you see a new business opening on your route, stop by. This is for two reasons: the first is to introduce yourself and see what and when they ship, and who the company plans to ship with.

This gives you an opportunity to ask them about shipping with FedEx but it also gives you the chance to see how much they are already shipping and how much that will add to your workload. It’s a good idea to know if this business will be a huge customer, or someone that just ships every now and then with infrequent stops. This helps you plan for the future of your business as well.

It’s a good idea to set up appointments to meet with the shipping and receiving team. Remember, opening a new business can be a hectic time, and you want to be helpful, not annoying. Always approach these meetings with an idea of what you can do for the customer, not what they can to do help you and your business. Many will be receptive and will certainly remember you stopping by to show you care.

Your terminal may have a sales team, and in some cases, it’s appropriate to simply let them know about the new business and have them set an appointment to talk to the customer. They may know about special rates and packages FedEx offers.

But don’t count on them to know what is happening on your route, and what businesses are opening. And stopping by as the driver can be a good start to sparking their interest in shipping with FedEx.

Growing your FedEx Route from the Inside by Asking for Referrals

Shipping and receiving managers and personnel talk to each other. It’s a small community, especially if they work and live in the same area. This is important for two reasons:

First, they know which drivers are the best, and the nicest. If you make customer service errors, other customers are sure to know about it.

Second, you can ask them to refer you to other customers nearby on your route. This is a simple way of growing your route from the inside. Those customers already know you and your level of customer care and can share that with others along the way.

Growing your FedEx Route from the Inside by Providing Excellent Customer Service

The number one way of growing your FedEx route from the inside? Simply by providing the best customer service possible every single day. If you get delayed, or you are really busy, let your customers know. Handle their packages with care whether you are delivering or picking up. If you find something damaged, say something.

If there is something they can do to save money or improve their shipping experience, share it with them. Be friendly and kind and show respect to everyone you meet on your route. Even if you have a bad day, be sure to not take it out on your customers.

Good customer service help you keep current customers and gain new ones. And that’s the best sales technique there is.

Whether you are growing your route with an eye toward selling it, or if you are looking to buy a FedEx route and grow and expand your business, these tips can help you grow your route from the inside.

Need help finding the right route for you? Or are you looking to sell your route and searching for the right buyer at the right time. At Route Advisors, we’re here to help. Contact us today.

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