Is it Time to Sell Your FedEx Ground Route?

For many FedEx Route owners, owning and operating a FedEx Ground route is a long-term business decision, and some never sell until they are ready to retire. Some end up being multiple route owners for years. However, there are others who choose to sell their routes sooner for a variety of reasons. How do they know? When is it time to sell your FedEx Ground route?

Here are some reasons owners sell their routes, and the signs that it might be time for you to sell your route.

You are Burned Out, and Breaks Don’t Help

Like any other job, you can get burned out on owning and running a FedEx Ground route. It takes a lot of time and effort, and certain times of the year like the peak around the holidays can be very stressful. That’s one of the reasons FedEx offers help with vacation coverage and encourages you to take breaks when you are able.

But sometimes it gets to the point where breaks are no longer helping, and you just feel burned out. Running a FedEx Ground route can be challenging, and it’s really helpful if you enjoy your work. When you are no longer enjoying it, that will be evident to your customers, other drivers, and those who work around you.

When you stop enjoying your route is often when you start making mistakes, and in this business, those can be costly. Take a vacation and a break first, but if that does not help, it might be time to sell your FedEx Ground Route.

You Want to Try Something Different

The two most common reasons any entrepreneur chooses to sell their business are the two B’s: burnout and boredom. If you get bored with your route and your business, it can have the same impact as burnout. Of course, there are methods to cure boredom that are less extreme than selling, from buying a new route to expanding yours or doing other things to change your business.

However, there are times when you just want to move on and try something new. Maybe this is just one of many businesses you dream of owning. That is okay: many entrepreneurs build businesses and then sell them once they have them running smoothly. Be sure your FedEx Ground route business is in good shape and ready to sell, and you can certainly choose to move on.

There are often eager buyers waiting to get into the industry, and listing with a route broker can get even more eyes on your business, and help you sell it quickly and easily.

It is Time to Sell Your FedEx Ground Route if You Have Physical Issues

One thing that does not get talked about often is the physical toll that the delivery business can take on your body. As you get older, it can be harder to keep running a route every day (although it is a great way to stay in shape). But if you are injured or you encounter a physical condition that prevents you from running your route, it may be time to sell.

If you start to feel that physically this is just not something you can do anymore, you might consider selling your route before it gets to the point where you have to. The more you can prep your route to be sold and make sure that financially and physically everything is ready, the more return on your investment you can expect to make.

Be sure to contact a route broker to make sure you have everything you need in place before you sell your route.

You Have Personal or Family Reasons

One of the signs it is time to sell your FedEx Ground Route is if you are having personal issues. Whether that is a divorce, the death of someone close in your family, or perhaps a career move on behalf of your partner that will take you out of the area, there are all kinds of personal reasons you may want to sell your route.

Sometimes, these things can be weathered and you don’t have to sell your route. You can simply take a break or arrange your life to fit your new circumstances. But if you find yourself overwhelmed and your business is taking a back seat, you may want to sell your FedEx Ground route.

You can always buy one again, under new circumstances, when you are ready. But if you need to sell, there are always buyers looking to purchase routes.

There are many reasons, whether due to positive circumstances or negative ones, that it might be time to sell your FedEx Ground route. Whatever your reasons, be sure to contact a route broker. They help you get the most for your route, vet potential buyers for you, and are with you every step of the way. At Route Advisors, we want to be your route broker. Contact us any time.

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