Learning the Delivery Business from the FedEx Ground Up

If you’re going to learn the delivery business, there’s no reason not to learn from one of the best. That’s not to say that other delivery services aren’t good: plenty of FedEx Ground drivers and route owners have learned the delivery business elsewhere. But when it comes to quality, there is nothing quite like learning from the FedEx Ground up.

Here are some advantages to getting into the last-mile delivery business as an owner of a FedEx Ground route.

You Get Some of the Best Training Around

FedEx has some of the best driver training in the world. Potential drivers are put through their paces in yard situations, simulations, and real-world training in traffic. In addition, rigorous testing and the need for a good driving record serve to keep everyone on the road safer.

If you’re a good driver anyway, FedEx training will make you better, and your experience with FedEx Ground will make you better still. Even if you have learned to drive elsewhere, you’ll need an approved training course to drive for FedEx, and you’ll want to have that before you purchase a route.

But your driving skills will be in top shape as a result.

You’ll Work with the Latest Technology

FedEx has some of the best scanning and delivery software in the business, and between that and optional routing software, you will have some of the best tech in delivery on your side. The scanners used by FedEx Ground are also some of the best around and have survived everything from being dropped from great heights to being chewed on by large dogs.

Not that we recommend you test any of those things, but it’s good to know that from automation in the warehouse to driver communication, FedEx Ground has you covered.

Your Peers are Truly Awesome

Before you start any job or purchase any business, one thing you should do is shadow someone who does it every day to see if it is a fit for you. And FedEx Ground is no exception. But what is exceptional are the people you will find. Drivers will show you tips and tricks to make your route better. Route owners will share business knowledge.

Other route owners are not your competition. They are your colleagues and collaborators. They’ll help you learn the equipment you need and what you can do without, how to manage maintenance schedules, vacation drivers, and more. The people at FedEx Ground from the person who helps load your truck to the station manager all want you to succeed.

Your FedEx Ground peers are great people, and you won’t find a more helpful bunch anywhere.

You’ll have the Support of One of the Largest Companies in the World

Learning from the FedEx Ground up means that while you will start as a newbie, you will gain experience quickly with the help of those around you, but also with the backing of one of the world’s largest delivery companies. FedEx serves customers around the world, and they provide unprecedented support to their drivers and route owners.

If you need something, your FedEx station manager is there to ensure that you get it. Everything from vacation coverage to substitutes to cover your route in case of emergency to help with pickups and deliveries if something goes wrong during your day, you don’t have to feel alone in running your FedEx Ground business

Learn from the FedEx Ground Up

If you are even thinking about purchasing a delivery route or getting into the delivery business, there is no better place to learn from the FedEx Ground up. From training to tech, from your peers to the support you’ll be offered, you can be assured your transition will be a smooth one.

Are you ready to purchase a FedEx Ground route or are you just curious about what opportunities might be out there in your area? Contact us at Route Advisors today. We’re here to help every step of the way.

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