Preparing Your FedEx Ground Route for Fall

Fall is a time of changing temperatures, back to school for the kids, and a time to think about making some transitions to prepare your FedEx Ground route for fall weather and the changes in season that will follow.

What does that mean to route owners or those who are considering purchasing a FedEx Ground route? Here are some tips for you.

Time for a Change in Uniform

There are things you might not have thought about all summer, including long-sleeved uniform shirts, jackets, and even rain slickers. But with fall comes the potential for more types of weather, depending on where you are located. So it’s time to take out those uniforms from last year.

  • Make sure uniforms still look good. If not, order new ones. Remember, this is your presentation of yourself and the company to customers, so make it a good one.
  • Make sure uniforms still fit correctly. Whether you have gained or lost weight, your FedEx uniforms might not fit the same way they did the previous year. Try them on.
  • Check for conditions like rips and tears, and make sure things like zippers and snaps still work. During a rainstorm or cold snap is not the best time to find out your jacket no longer zips up.
  • Order new uniforms early. Sometimes quantities are limited, and it takes time to get new stuff. If you need replacements, now is the time to order. If you are just purchasing a route, order as early as possible and always have extra uniforms on hand.
  • Wash everything. Even if you put things away clean, wash them again. You’ll want them to be fresh and smelling good when you need them.

Remember, check everything. You may be transitioning from shorts to long pants, to long sleeves, and even to wearing gloves. Plan ahead to be both comfortable and safe.

Check Your Footwear

Fall and winter mean different shoes, not only to keep your feet warm but to keep them dry as well. FedEx drivers and contractors wear out shoes pretty quickly, and this can be especially true in months with more foul weather.

Many drivers wear boots in the fall and winter, footwear that offers better traction and more insulation. When you find footwear that works for you, stock up. It’s a good idea to carry spares with you on the truck in case something happens to your shoes during the day. In fact, in months of inclement weather, carrying a bag with a spare uniform, socks, footwear, and even extra jackets is a good idea when preparing your FedEx Ground route for fall.

Refresh Your Vehicle

Refreshing your vehicle can mean everything from changing your coolant and washer fluid from the summer variety to a better mix for winter to checking your tires and if needed replacing them. In some areas, you will even want to switch to winter tires depending on the climate.

In fact, changing all the fluids, a good lube job all around, and a thorough cleaning of your vehicles is a good way to start the season. It gives you peace of mind and ensures you are less likely to have issues when the weather changes.

Don’t forget things like wiper blades, checking all of your running lights, brake checks, and ensuring other safety items are up to date and in good shape.

Remember, peak is just around the corner, and fall is a great time to ensure that everything you need for your route is ready.

Order Supplies to prepare your FedEx Ground Route for Fall

Fall is a great time to stock up on things like rain bags to protect packages when you deliver them. Be sure you have not only enough bags but a variety of sizes for various different-sized boxes as well. You don’t want to not be able to deliver a package because you don’t have the protection you need.

It’s also a good time to make sure you have enough door hangers for when you can’t make deliveries, and gloves with good grip that are in good shape. You’ll want a few different pairs for changing temps and various levels of waterproofing.

Essentially, this is the time to order anything you might need not only through fall but through peak as well.

Prepare Yourself

Perhaps the most important thing is to prepare yourself for fall. Be sure that you are taking care of your own health.

  • Stay hydrated. This is often easy to forget as temperatures fall.
  • Stretch often. Flexibility is the key to preventing driver injuries in addition to strength.
  • Eat healthy foods. It’s easy to grab junk food along your route. Make healthier choices and your body and your route will thank you.

You are your route, and you need to be your best as you head into one of the busiest times of the year.

Whether you are a new route owner or looking to purchase one, or you have been running a route for a while and may be looking to expand your business, preparing your FedEx Ground route or routes for fall is essential every single year.

And when you are ready to purchase a FedEx Ground route or another one, being prepared means hiring a route broker. At route advisors, we’d love to help you find the best route for you and your situation. Contact us today, and we’ll be with you every step of the way.

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