Summer: A Great Time To Become a Canadian FedEx Ground Route Contractor

If you are considering becoming a Canadian FedEx Ground Contractor, summer can be a great time to embark on your journey. There are all kinds of reasons summer is a good time to purchase a route no matter where you live, but in Canada this is especially true.

Here are five reasons summer is a great time to become a Canadian FedEx Ground Contractor.

Increased Delivery Demand

Why purchase a route when there is increased delivery demand? The toughest time for a new business owner is when they are first getting started, and it’s a good idea to make as much revenue as possible right away.

Summer is a peak season for various industries in Canada, such as tourism, construction, and outdoor events. Customers order sporting goods and other items they need to engage with their summer hobbies, and most businesses do more shipping. In fact, according to Statistics Canada, retail trade and wholesale trade volumes typically see a seasonal increase in the summer months.

While this season may not match “peak” around Christmas, it is the second most profitable time of year. This can result in more business and higher revenue potential for delivery route owners, a plus for someone new to the game.

The Weather is Better

Let’s face it, Canadian winters can be brutal, which can make many things about delivery harder. It’s better to get started on a route and get to know your area before harsher weather sets in.

Summer in Canada usually brings more predictable and safer driving conditions, with longer daylight hours and fewer weather-related issues like snow or ice. This can lead to improved efficiency and productivity on nearly every route and reduces the likelihood of delays or accidents.

Take advantage of the benefits of a Canadian summer, and purchase a route when it is safer and easier to learn.

It’s a Good Time for Learning

Speaking of learning, one of the best things you can do for yourself and any drivers you may hire for multiple routes, is to learn your route area well. This is much easier to do in the summer months when roads are clear, more hours of light allow you to easily read and find addresses, and roads are relatively clear and free of road delays.

This also gives you more time to get to know your customers: the businesses who ship with you and the customers who order regularly. You’ll get to know traffic patterns, and you can talk with your rural delivery customers about alternate delivery options during inclement weather. Setting these things up in the summer can make winter delivery much easier.

You can also get to know your drivers, loaders, and others you may be working with year-round. Developing that network with other route owners can provide you with a valuable network with your peers, one that enables you to support each other when needed.

The Canadian FedEx Ground Route contractor community is a tight one, like a family, and can be one of the most pleasant parts of route ownership.

Seasonal Flexibility for Employees

Summer provides flexibility for employees, giving you opportunities to hire drivers who might not otherwise be available. Many people have more flexible schedules during the summer months, which can make it easier to find personnel.

This can be especially helpful if you need to expand your workforce quickly to accommodate increased demand. Additionally, with students on summer break, you may have access to a larger pool of potential part-time or temporary drivers, providing you with more staffing options.

This enables you to call on that same pool for peak deliveries when students are out of college for Christmas break and at other busy times of year. This can reduce your stress levels, and make it easier to run your overall FedEx Ground route business.

A Good Time for Canadian FedEx Ground Route Contractor Expansion

Summer is the best time for a Canadian FedEx Ground Contractor to consider expansion. Why does this matter to buyers?

  • There are potentially more routes available for purchase.
  • You can expand your newly purchased route or routes, expanding your business right away.
  • You can increase your revenue, spread your risk, and have more assets at your disposal when you have additional routes.
  • You’ll have more freedom to hire as needed and learn more routes, making your business more efficient.

When you purchase a FedEx Ground route you don’t always think about expansion right away, but it should be a part of your long term plan, and if you can manage it in the short term, that is even better.

Are you in Canada and considering purchasing a Canadian FedEx Ground Route? Do you have questions about what that process looks like? At Route Advisors, we want to be your route broker, and partner with you every step of the way. Contact us today, and we’ll be happy to help you find the right route in the right place at the right time.

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