The Season for Next Year’s Business Planning: Is a FedEx Route Right for You?

This year has been marked by big changes for businesses and individuals. We’ve experienced the Great Resignation, where many people have left their jobs and even their career fields. A lot of those people have chosen to start their own business, and that means this is time for next year’s business planning. The question you might be asking yourself, whether you already own a business, or are looking for a career change, may be, “Is FedEx route ownership right for me?”

Here are some common questions and things for you to consider.

Do You Already Own a Business or FedEx Route?

If you already own a business, adding FedEx route ownership has some plusses and some potential drawbacks. Initially, if you are not in the logistics business already, there can be a learning curve and a time when route ownership and management can take a lot of time away from your other business.

Also, most route owners start out driving and operating their own routes until they are able to purchase multiple routes and hire additional personnel. However, if you are looking to make a change in the direction of your business or you have already worked in the logistics and delivery industry, a FedEx route could be just the ticket for your next business venture.

Do You Want to Change Your Career and Focus?

The COVID crisis has influenced many to consider a change in career. In fact, a global Microsoft survey earlier this year showed 40% of people considering quitting their jobs, and a quarter of those considering switching careers entirely. In September and October, record numbers of Americans left their jobs.

If you are one of them and considering business ownership, FedEx route ownership may be a great option. Not will you own your own business, but also you’ll have support from one of the largest, well-established delivery brands in the world.

If you are looking for both a career change and a unique opportunity with growth potential, check out FedEx route options to determine what is right for you.

Do You Love Interacting with Customers?

One of the greatest parts of route ownership is the people you meet, from businesses where you pick up packages regularly to customers you deliver to often on residential and business routes. If you love interacting with customers and are great a customer service, a FedEx route offers you a unique business opportunity.

And routes are always growing and changing. No two days will be alike, and as your route grows, so will your network of customers.

Do You Have a Good Head for Business?

Just like anything else, FedEx route ownership is a business, and to get the most out of it, you’ll need to have a good grasp of profit and loss, cash flow, and return on investment. If you already have a good head for business, you can apply that knowledge and those skills to the logistics industry as well.

It’s important to learn how best to manage a FedEx route, and you can learn from your peers, study business plans, and develop your own business and operational plans to ensure your route runs smoothly and efficiently.

The most successful route owners often own multiple routes, employ drivers as sub-contractors or employees (your state laws will help determine how you structure your route business), and see their businesses grow year over year.

If you have a good grasp of business principles, it will be easy for you to see how FedEx route ownership can be both profitable and fun.

The FedEx Route Difference

Why own a FedEx route? What’s the difference between it and other businesses? There are several key factors to consider.

  • FedEx route ownership is an established business model that has worked well for many entrepreneurs over many years.
  • FedEx route owners tap into the resources of one of the largest and most successful logistics companies in the world, with global support, the right equipment, and great people who make your job easier every day.
  • FedEx route ownership leaves lots of room for growth. Routes grow in numbers, sometimes split, and new routes are created by FedEx and sold to established and new contractors. The size of your business depends on you, and the number of routes you can reasonably manage.

Whether you are a business owner considering a new venture, just starting as an entrepreneur, or considering a career change and business ownership, FedEx route ownership may offer you just what you are looking for.

Have more questions? Want to start a conversation about how to purchase a route, and what routes may be available? Contact us today. We’d love to hear from you as you and your business face a new year filled with opportunities.

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