Top 5 Reasons a FedEx Ground Route is a Good Investment

A FedEx Ground route is a good investment. There is nothing as satisfying as owning your own business, and working in the last-mile logistics industry provides you with an opportunity to make a real difference in your community and beyond.

However, sometimes those who are new to this industry or to owning a business might not see those reasons right away. If you are thinking of buying a FedEx Ground route, here are the top five reasons it’s a good investment.

Business Ownership Offers Freedom

Just like owning any other business, a FedEx Ground route is a good investment because it offers you a certain amount of freedom. When working for someone else, you often can’t dictate your hours, your days off, and even how you do your work.

For many FedEx routes, you choose the order you do the route in, when you make each kind of stop (except for business stops and pickups), and even the type of truck you choose to use. You can even choose an electric vehicle if you want.

Owning your own FedEx Ground route gives you lots of options, and more options mean greater freedom.

A FedEx Ground Route is a Good Investment for the Future

FedEx Ground routes have been around for a long time and will continue to be around going forward. Route ownership, even owning and managing several routes, has been done by many other entrepreneurs. Working as an independent contractor not only offers freedom, but it offers a future where you can decide when and how long you will work, and when you’ll retire.

If you’re going to invest in tomorrow, that starts with owning your own business, and a FedEx Ground route is a good investment choice.

FedEx Ground Routes are a Growth Business

The growth of FedEx Ground routes is tied to the growth of a community, and many communities are growing at exponential rates. Routes will expand with new business development and residential growth, and sometimes what is one route now will split into two or more routes over several years.

This offers the opportunity to own more than one route, a path to a more profitable business, or to spin off routes you can sell at a profit. If you want to be a part of a growing business, FedEx Ground routes are a great choice.

FedEx Ground Routes are in a Stable Industry

While with many businesses owners feel very much out on their own, with a FedEx Ground route, you have the backing of one of the largest logistics companies in the world. While there may be fluctuations in delivery volume, for the most part, FedEx deliveries are predictable and stable, and in most cases growing.

Usually, your income will be relatively stable with a FedEx Ground route. Expenses and in return profits may fluctuate, but you’ll have a good idea of what your monthly returns will be, making it much easier to manage cashflow than in other businesses.

Although entrepreneurship always comes with some risk, the stability of FedEx Ground makes for a less risky investment.

FedEx Ground Routes are easy to Sell When You’re Ready

When it comes time to sell some businesses, there can be some pain involved in getting your books together, due diligence, and determining what your business is worth. But when it comes to a FedEx Ground route, you’ll have a good idea what it is worth, and you can employ a route broker to help with the rest of what you’ll need to do.

But most importantly, just like when you are looking for a FedEx Route, other buyers are always looking to grab one of these great opportunities. Your buyer will probably be looking to buy when you are ready to sell. When you’re ready to retire or just move on, selling your FedEx Ground route will be easy and painless.

A FedEx Ground route is a good investment for a lot of reasons. These top five reasons are just a few examples. Ready to buy your own FedEx Ground route? Contact us at Route Advisors today. We’d love to help you every step of the way.

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