Top 5 Signs Buying a FedEx Route is Right for You

If you’re reading this blog post, you have come to the point where owning your own business in logistics is something you are interested in. And there are key advantages to buying a FedEx route over other types of businesses.

A lot of deciding what business is right for you involves sitting down and doing a lot of self-evaluation, and no two entrepreneurs are exactly the same. There are things to look for in when looking at buying any business. Here are five signs buying a FedEx route is right for you.

You Want to Invest in Your Own Success

When you work for someone else, your hard work is contributing to their success. Sure, they pay you and may even offer you benefits, but what are those really doing for your success? Whether you get promoted or move to a new level in the company is all controlled and dictated by someone else.

If you want to invest in your own success, buying a FedEx route may be the right answer for you. You’ll be your own boss, can set your own hours, and as your route grows, you can even control your own earnings and profits. The money you invest in your route goes toward building your success.

You’re Self Driven

A good entrepreneur does not need someone looking over their shoulder telling them what to do and when. They are self-driven and motivated to get their own work done in a timely manner because the understand that is the way to make money.

A FedEx route lets you do just that. You can set your own hours to a certain extent (even though your customers may have some preferences) and you can work as quickly as you desire. Some driver’s finish their routes faster than others, and you can even take breaks whenever you need to.

Owning a FedEx route lets you take the drive you already have and put it to work for yourself.

You’re Looking for Growth Potential by Buying a FedEx Route

Want a business that will grow in the future? Urban areas are growing in density as the population moves to more central locations where jobs are located. That new neighborhood going in on your route means more customers. So do the businesses and shopping centers that are being built.

You control your territory and your route. If the route gets to large, you can even split it and develop a second route. If someone in a neighboring area or even one far away is selling a route, you can be one of the first to know about it and bid on those routes.

Many FedEx route owners own more than one route in more than one area. The potential for growth is only limited by your imagination and ability to manage others.

You Value Work/Life Balance

Let’s face it, when the boss calls another meeting to adds one more thing to your agenda, it can mean staying late, working overtime, or even taking the stress of the office home with you. With a FedEx route, you can’t avoid stress entirely, but you can leave work at work, and schedule your route so that it fits with your lifestyle.

Many entrepreneurs spend hours during the startup phase of their business that they never get paid for. With the structure and proven formulas for FedEx route owners, you won’t have to worry about that. FedEx will have your back as will other route owners as you go through the simple learning process.

Keep work where it belongs and know that there are no “package emergencies” that will cause you to have to leave your family at the movies while you rush off to solve problems at work.

You Want to Work for the Future by Buying a FedEx Route

Gone are the days of our grandparents where you spent twenty years at the same company, collected a pension and retirement, and sailed off into the sunset. We provide our own health insurance, our own retirement, and we invest in things that secure our future independent of one single employer.

That’s what a FedEx route does for you. You choose your investments, your insurance, and your retirement plan as a part of your own business planning. You are not depending on anyone else and their success to secure your retirement.

Are you ready to take the plunge and learn more about owning your own FedEx route? Then contact us today. We can help you through every step of the process.

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